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Farewell [21 May 2005|03:21pm]
People suck. Life's a farce. Goodbye. I shall miss you my lovely Balian layout.

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Misquoted [20 May 2005|05:12pm]
Not much goin on lately. Science exam was pretty easy yesterday.

Today was yearbook day. Which means everyone willing to pay $60 got a rather nice yearbook that was completely colored and hardcover. WTF? Eustace was a 10 thou skool and it didnt even have all color pages! Guys you'd better tell those yearbook people. Its so worth having the color. So here's my day:

Art- Just sat around, talked, worked on pic.
English- Was in Mrs. Thompson's class until near the end of 4th period. All we did was get yearbooks and hang out for about 2.5 hours. People were signing yearbooks and all that. I didn't get one. Didn't want one. There was also a video montage thing will all kinds of pics and music for the 04-05 skool year. It set my day off bad because the video got me depressed. Seeing all kinds of people from the skool with their friends, taking pride in their sports...they all get to be with their closest friends and share the best years of their lives with each other. I dont have that. My closest friends are all a world away. I almost asked to go to the bathroom so that I could keep myself composed and so I wouldnt have to keep watching the video, but I was alright. So then I just sat around, signed one or two yearbooks...
Geography-Only had about ten or fifteen minutes. Talked to Tori. She had her own "Tori's Ghetto Yearbook" which was just a spare notebook she was using for signatures. So I made "Nicole's EXTRA Ghetto Yearbook" which was simple three pieces of notebook paper stapled together.
Geometry- signed some yearbooks. Sat for 55 minutes. "Conservative" James asked if I had a yearbook and I said no, I didn't feel like spending $60 on something I didnt really want. He signed my Ghetto yearbook, "Yeah this is ghetto. $60 was worth it -love James" LoL. Punk. XD
Drama- Signed yearbooks and had people sign my Ghetto one. I got lots of love! It made me feel a lot better. I wuv all the people who signed ^.^
Science- Hung out, signed yearbooks, chilled with Tori, Sara, and Becca. Yay! Listened to music. Sang to Moulin Rouge, was told to stop by Luke. x___x

There was one more thing that had contributed to my depression during second period. Waaaaay back near the beginning of the year I was interviewed for the yearbook. Two girls came, took a picture of me reading my book ("The Silmarillion" by JRR Tolkien. Yay!) and asked if I had any role models. I couldnt think of anyone other than Orlando Bloom at that second. They asked me for a quote about it and I said something along the lines of "Orlando Bloom because hes basically living my dream. I want to be an actress but everyone says I shouldnt because its so hard to succeed in that choice of career. But you have to take the opportunities to do what you want because there's always that slim chance that you could make it, and you never know until you try." So today looking through the yearbooks I found the little circle picture of me reading at my locker, and a quote next to it that said something like "Orlando Bloom in the sense that he is a great actor and I want to be as well admired as he is." WTF?! Great so everyone who put any interest in reading that little section now things Im a conceited, shallow bitch. Meanwhile theres this other one above mine that says like, "my family has always been a great inspiration for me" and deep mushy stuff like that. I NEVER said those words! Most of the people I told about it said that things like that always happen in the yearbooks.

Turns out there were a lot of mistakes in this book. There was a whole section about the school play. Only problem was: all the photographs and interview quotes were from LAST YEARS MUSICAL and not this years comedy. And the play was so good this year!!! It's really a shame and just a stupid mistake. There's no excuse for that.

So Im pretty pissed as far as the yearbooks go. Glad I didnt spend all that money on one. Im not even IN it except for that one pic because I hadnt transferred into Riverside yet when they took the student pictures and the one day that was for makeup pictures, I was absent for some reason or other.

That's about all the news for now....not much of it is happy, unfortunately. x__X


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It's Monday...Again... [16 May 2005|05:13pm]
Back to Hell-I mean, skool-today. Was feeling much better Saturday and Sunday, however by second period I was feeling really bad again. I was especially zonked by the time Geometry came around. Can't take the Flexeril[sp?] that helps with the pain because it makes me dizzy and drowsy. Can't have that during skool. Ended up feeling that way ANYWAY, but...whatever.

Got some lovely interest from people. "Conservative" James espied me walking down the hall towards Spanish(3rd period). He promptly put his hands on my arms and drew me aside. Apparently he had been quite concerned. Got a "Hey, Kid! Where have you BEEN? I was worried about you!" Felt very very nice to know that someone outside of like, Tori and Sara and Becky was concerned for my well-being. I told him the sad sad tale of my torment, and my encounter with needles in the back of my neck and head. James said he had just been thinking this morning "Man I wonder where Nicole is. Am I gunna have to visit her in the hospital or something??" Thought that was funny. ^.^
Anyway. Just thought it was lovely to have such concern. I even got a hug, hehe. I miss hugs. Kevin and Rob always gave me hugs.

[random tangent]Rob and Brice have the best hugs! Kev has good hugs too. But Im a lot smaller in build than Rob and Brice, so their hugs are all warm and make you feel very protected. ^.^ [/random tangent]

Tori came to my house yesterday and issued me my FIVE quizzes and a test on Mrs. Elsey's behalf. I failed the quizzes due to the fact that I simply hadn't READ the material they were on, and got a collective average of a 65% on them. Woo. I hope I did better on the test. O_o Tori had dinner with us. My mom made chicken. My mom is an excellent cook. I had lots of bread.

Neck hurts. Gollum: It buuuuurns! I freeeeeezes! O how it aches! meeeeeeeeeh!! I really think I need to get some scans done. There's something not right about all of this.
Hold on, gotta go take a pain pill...

...*choke on water*....

Okay. Back. Took a big pink/red pain pill. Which means I wont be worth a damn thing in about 10 minutes or so. Im sure it will make me dizzy and will have me meandering about the living room and kitchen as one intoxicated. All the better to ease the pain, dearies.

Had a weird dream last night. I was seeing through the POV of Ewan McGregor's Black Hawk Down character, Grimes. Eric Bana's BHD character Hoot was there. As was a nameless Delta soldier. Some weird mission thing happened. Random Delta Dude got shot and killed. I proceeded to give the news to other soldiers. Then stuff happened with some old classmates talkin to me. Classmates I havent seen in like...years. O_o Odd. Must be the medicine. Im sooooo doped up on that stuff.

Didn't sleep well last night.

Art- did nothing. Must make up dumb-ass test on Impressionism
English- 2KAM (To Kill A Mockingbird). Movie isnt as good as the book.
Spanish- verbs...they just WONT DIE.
Geography- Mrs. Elsey's busy-review work
Geometry- omfg Im gunna fail this. Sines, Cosines, and Tangents. WTF?! Aaaaaaaagh....*dies*
Drama- useless vocab all period
Science- Mr. McC continuing to evade having to actually TEACH us


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(No Subject) [13 May 2005|03:17pm]
Not much to be said for today. Stayed home from skool again. Neck still hurts where they gave me the shots. Medicine makes me dizzy and drowsy. Spent the early afternoon at my dads, now Im home. Moms sleeping. Hobbits at skool. Read some more of To Kill A Mockingbird. Jen's out runnin errands with her mom. No one else is on. Technical difficulties with The Sight: Revisioned. Gotta wait for Raevin to get on to help me. Pretty bored. Hungry but feel sick when I eat. Miss Bishop Eustace a lot today for some reason. Maybe its because of the prospect of spending three more weeks in Riverside reading boring books and doing boring projects. Whatever.


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Ugh...Needles... [11 May 2005|02:19pm]
Well Ive not been back to skool yet this week. Still feel like death rolled over and then reheated in a microwave. Ive been spending most of my time sleeping, curled up on the couch with my Legolas blanket reading To Kill A Mockingbird for English, and talking on AIM. Roleplay therapy mostly. I figure I can put Todd in more pain than Im in right now. XD Today I finally went to the doctor.

Take your hand and put it on the back of your head. No, seriously, do it. Move it down just a wee bit till you get to the base of your skull. Feel that little hollow there? Move your fingers to the left. Feel the top of that muscle that goes from the side of the back of your neck to your head? Riiiight where it meets the skull? Yeah. Well today I got a needle jabbed right in there.

First the doctor did a lot of weird stuff to test my mobility and all that. Then his incredibly strong fingers prodded around the base of my skull to see where exactly it hurt. Couldnt find a real cause of my headaches, so he gave me a few options. He said I could either take some medicine that MIGHT help after three days. Or I could take a few shots right into the muscle to help loosen the tension point. So what could I do?

Bring on the needle, bitch.

Pulled my (newly permed and awesome-looking) hair up, mom insisted upon holding my hands, and a very nice nurse stood by me with a hand on my back. The doc then proceeded to numb the skin right where the needle was gunna go and then I got about four or five injections of stuff. Thats RIGHT. A needle right into my SKULL and MUSCLE. RAAR. Holy mother, it hurt. Sucked it up though. As always. >:) ugh...It still hurts like a bitch...really stiff and I just wanna like..be knocked out or something.

On the bright side, my hair look fabulous after my perm on Monday (not a pleasent experience either) and Im watching RotK EE. Legolas getting smashed...always a sexy sight.

Time to eat some Quiznos and hope I dont throw it back up. Almost puked my guts up last night for some unknown reason.


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Wasting the Day Away [08 May 2005|01:53pm]
Well....Couldnt fall asleep last night till almost 5 am. Tired now. Woke up and my headache still isnt gone. Took a shower, woo. Haven't eaten yet. Dont feel like it. Josh is the only person on, so we're talkin. Waiting for Jen to get on so we can continue a HORRIBLY sad RP. XD Poor Todd. Im gunna make a list of bad things that happen to him. It would be quite long. Made icons. Made logos for characters. Sitting on the couch being useless. Fun. Want to listen to my KoH soundtrack but my head hurts ;__;
Commodore left for WDW. Have fun and stay safe, CommyDorry! We'll miss you.


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Quiz [07 May 2005|10:26pm]
woooo interesting...

You scored as Catholic.














created with QuizFarm.com

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Kingdom of Heaven [07 May 2005|03:46pm]
I keep slacking off on this.

Yesterday sucked mostly, except for the movie. School was slooow and boooring and I felt like crap. Dunno what it was. Felt nauscious and a headache kept coming and going. I asked to go to the bathroom in Geography and I called my mom. She was sleeping and she said to go ahead and call my dad to see if he could pick me up. I called him and he got there in like ten minutes. Left a little before lunch. Went to my dads and slept on the couch after eating some soup. Mom came over later and we all had dinner before heading to the movie theater! Yay.

Saw Kingdom of Heaven, of course. Verdict: Loved it. Bad things: It was choppy and difficult to follow, but Jen informs me that this is because they cut 80 minutes of it or something like that. They're making an extended edition. (SQUEE). Also I would have liked to see some really emotional scene with Balian just to test how far Orlando Bloom can go, and I would have liked to see more of Balian and Sibylla's relationship. But hopefully we'll see all of that in the extended edition, if thats really gunna happen. Might be too good to be true. Good things: Visually stunning. Amazing battle scenes. Gorgeous costumes. Fantastic acting. Orlando positively shines. Great characters. Interesting ending. Overall rating: B+ Hopefully the EE will be more smooth. And have more Orlando. :D

Was a mess going home. Felt weak and just not quite with it. Had a hard time sleeping and I kept shaking. Dunno why. Feel better today though Im still a little shakey.

Not much else going on. Got presents for Mother's Day. Got Mom a shirt that she liked last time we were at the mall and some Bath and Body Works stuff.

Other than that...New Layout! Kingdom of Heaven of course.


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I <3 Woolite Oxy Clean [29 Apr 2005|08:31pm]
Why do I love Woolite Oxy Clean? Because it can clean up ANYTHING. From spaghetti sauce to cat vomit. (Trust me on both.)
So barely an hour ago I hear Zeke going through his fammed "Exorcist Routine". For those of you who have never owned a cat, it occurs right before they puke. Their entire body convulses in waves and these sickeningly-juicy gagging sounds emit from their throats. So I hear Zeke starting this horrible display right by the front door. *sigh* Oh, well, he's on the hardwood floor. It'll be an easy cleanup and nothing will get stained. Alas. He finishes yaking so I look over and-lo! Of all the square feet of flooring he could have vomited on he decides to do the technicolor yawn ON THE DOORMAT. If he had moved three inches to the left it would have been on the floor, but nooooo. Just HAD to be difficult. Big nasty pea-soup-green splotch of vomit ON A PIECE OF CARPET. BAH.
But thank Bootstrap for Woolite Oxy Clean. It's soaking now and soon I can take that stain right up. Yay.

In other news...
Performing a skit and a really hard monologue tomorrow morning. Am missing Kate's bday party to do so. Hope its fun, Kate! This is the last drama workshop till the summer program starts ;___; I shall miss the awesome teacher whose name I have yet to learn and David who is the kewlest skit partner and SOOOO good at acting.

ART: Turned in BIG ASS PICTURE of my rp angel character Jacobai. Its a huuuuge sketch thats all realistic and shaded and nifty. Teachers loved it. Other than that-art history. NOOOOOOOOO *Creates noose and makes a fortune by charging for its use in class*
ENGLISH: Still boycotting A Raisin In The Sun. Its stupid. Got a 103 cumulative average for my Julius Caesar tests. Go me! :D *Boogies*
SPANISH: Yo no hablo espanol
GEOGRAPHY: We're watching Hotel Rwanda. Its really good.
GEOMETRY: My grade sucks these days ;___;
DRAMA: Working on a commercial skit for outrageous products. Im with the kewl frosh Ericka, Jessica, and Meredith. We're advertising multi-purpose sunglasses. I am t3h Sunglasses Fairy. ph33l t3h p0w3r.
SCIENCE: Science sucks.

Made kewl logo pic for an RPG. Jaguar character, Boone:

W00t. Go me.

I THINK I LOST MY HARRY POTTER: OOTP BOOK!! I'm 90% sure I left it in McKaskill's portable on monday. On the shelf under my desk. Ive asked him, asked all my teachers, checked the library, AND the lost-and-found disaster area. No sign. WHAT KIND OF HEARTLESS PERSON WOULD STEAL A HARRY POTTER BOOK FROM A FELLOW DEVOTED, LOVING FAN?! *Sobs for endless hours*

Got Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events on DVD. Its pretty good. Visually lovely... And amazing music. Bought 3 songs from the soundtrack.

Quote o' the Day:
"SHEEP! B-a-a-a-a-a-a"
-Me. Tori has an awesome sheep shirt.


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Quick Post... [26 Apr 2005|10:02pm]
Just real quick so everyone knows I live yet.

Sleepover @ Tori's = Awesome fun. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ranks way up on my Weirdest Shit List. Pics @ Tori's LJ Yay
Drama workshop=Yay! Fun. Performing Saturday. Must memorize monologue and skit
Monday = Skool. Boo hiss
Tuesday = JC recitation. Kicked ass. Had best costume and best applause. Go me.
Roleplays = awesome though we're not getting very far in the plots, are we Grimesy? *Hits him* Grimes: OW! ITS NOT MY FAULT!

Shoebox_project on LJ is hilarious. Masters Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs would be most pleased.
REALLY REALLY Want to get into photography again. Also REALLY REALLY want to get into serious painting. Mom doesnt think this is good idea.
Cant imagine why XD
Must leave fast. No time for mood image


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Ukulele=Total bs [20 Apr 2005|09:48pm]
HSAPs suck.

The dead hath risen.
Its been a while, ey, mates?

There are a few reasons for this: A)Laziness B)Boring life

Weekend-Drama workshop. Wicked fun improv game. W00t! Helped mom work in her garden in the true Hobbit style.

Art- Finished printing stuff and started caligraphy and creative lettering. Whoop-de-freaking-do.
English- A Raisin in the Sun. Boooo hisssss
Spanish- ....Enough said.
Geography-GEOGRAPHY WAS EVENTFUL! We got assigned ANOTHER project. This time I weasled a way to be able to do it on the civil war/famine/Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia. YAY! This means I have to do VERY little research. I am HAPPY.
Drama-Nothing interesting
Science- ....Again, enough said.

Art-same old same old.
English-Shortened due to....
HSAPs!!!- A test that consists of 3 3-hour sessions. Each session covers writing, reading, or math. The HSAP is required in order to get your deploma. They do it because they want to make sure you're being educated and are learing. WHY THE FUCK WE NEED TO TAKE A TEST FOR THEM TO FIGURE THIS OUT WHEN THEY COULD JUST LOOK AT OUR REPORT CARDS IS BEYOND ME AND IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF. But anyway. Monday was the big essay and some reading stuff. I used all the lines/pages provided for the essay, which is what they like. My goal was to use my new favorite word "nihility" but I couldnt get it in there. In compensation, however, I managed to use the word "euchatastrophe" so I was content. ^.^ I personally think they should give me full marks just for THAT especially because "euchatastrophe" wasnt even in the dictionary that I was provided with. So BAH. ...Hope I got the lettering right O_O Then there was some reading and questions...today there was more reading and questions and a wee bit of writing. They give us like 2.5 hours to take these tests. Today I finished the test in 45 minutes. Here's an example on how stupid this test is. We had to read a short narrative about a guy who is at a ukulele party. A ukulele party!!! Who WRITES about that??! Oh it gets better. Then we had to write a paragraph on what kinds of people play ukuleles. W. T. F. ....Yeah.
Geometry-SUCKS. Got a 60 on a test! But so did half the class...so its kinda okay.
Drama-Helped take apart stuff from the play set. Yay.
Science- ......
Thats all. ^.^

*Marches off playing a ukulele*

Nihility (Nai-HIL-e-tee) n. ~ Nonexistence; nothingness.
Euchatastrophe (YOO-ka-TAS-tro-fee) n. ~The triumph of good through suffering.


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God Bless Long Weekends [14 Apr 2005|05:28pm]
Woooooo Its Thursday and we dont have skoooooool tomorrow. I wanna chill with Tori, especially since it looks like the weather is going to be nice. The suggestion was that she, myself, Becky, and Kate sneak into Sin City. XD T'would be kewl.

Art-My Sorting Hat linoleum print kicks linoleum ass. W00t W00t
Spanish-I can set a table. El cuchillo goes next to el plato and el vaso goes above them. Woooo
Geography- Bookwork. Meeeeeeeeeeew
Geometry-seriously starting to piss everyone off. We're all sick of skool, including Mr Frans. Everyone in the class is getting irritated with one another. I was quite absorbed in reading Harry Potter that I didnt notice Conservative James standing in front of me while he threw something away. He realized this and of course knew it was prime time to disturb me LoL he suddenly grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me hard, scaring the crap out of me LoL. I'll get him for that...
Drama- Watched Singing in the Rain. Well, SOME people did. I used the flashlight tool on my cell phone to give me enough light to read Harry Potter more.
Science-TEST! Not that I studied. He had an essay this time, the old crock pot. "How magnitism effects my life" *Snort* What bull....

Still mad about the Josh situation. Was about to just count my losses and give up on it. Figured he was too far gone from me and Hank for Sam...but CommyDorry gave me encouraging words. Thankies Commodore.

Hope Jens day was better.

Quotes for today:
"When it comes to movies Nicole's like a raven to shiny." ~Tori describing my love for movies in the best way Ive heard yet.

"Guard?" said Harry, we have to go to King's Cross with a guard?"
"YOU have to go to King's Cross with a guard," Hermione corrected him.
"Why?" said Harry irritably. "I thought Voldemort was supposed to be lying low, or are you telling me he's going to jump out from behind a dustbin to try and do me in?"

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-


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Crap [13 Apr 2005|07:09pm]
The past day and a half has been a complete irritation. Last night my mom was working so I was supposed to stay home alone with Hobbit. Dad doesnt know that we've done that a few times and mom doesnt think he'd go for it. But she thinks that Im plenty old enough. So she goes to work. Dad calls not long after and tells my brother hes stopping by to say hello. I call mom at work and tell her, so while Dads on his way over she calls him adn talks to him. They were on the phone when he arrived. He wasnt mad but he brought us to his house anyway. So James nad I had to freaking commute over there again. Get up, pack all our stuff, go to the house with no food and spend the night. Im not a damn kid anymore, no matter what my dad wants to think. He wishes I was 8 again. But Im NOT 8. Im 16! In 2 years Ill be spending EVERY night home alone. Its not that I dont want to see my dad. I love spending time with my dad. But it pisses me off that I constantly have a parent around to smother me. Im never ALONE. And I hate fucking putting on the acts all the time. Im so Goddamn good at pretending Im happy. I can switch to different modes. Prentend everythings alright, be Daddy's bright happy little girl. Im not depressed all the time or anything I just hate constantly being around family and I have to have that image around them.
Then everything in skool today was just pissing me off. Annoying things that Im usually good natured enough not to care about irritated me. Mrs. Crazy Moreno pestering us, Geometry classrom so fucking freezing cold and no one in there was in a good mood... Just a ton of little things were adding up. Then Jen had a crappy day because she once again got delt a bad hand and I wish I could help... Sara calls me like once a day to ask me to go online and Im like dude youre my friend and all but learn some fucking patience. I dont always feel like it.
Whatever. Now Im watching Black Hawk Down. Good movie for reminding you that you've got it good compared to some people. Hope tomorrow's better and Im glad that we dont have skool Friday. Im so fucking done with this skool shit. A Goddamn waste of 7 and a half hours of my freaking day.


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Theory [12 Apr 2005|05:58pm]
I present to you my Tuesday Theory.
Tuesday is the most useless day of the week. Every day of the week has a true purpose except Tuesday.
Sunday-Sunday is Love Jesus Day. People go to church. Its the last day of the weekend.
Monday-Monday is the Evil Day. Monday is when people go back to work/skool and is just the beginning of the long work week. Mondays suck.
Tuesday- No purpose
Wednesday-Hump Day! The precise middle of the week. If you get past this day, the worst is over.
Thursday- The Homestretch Day. The day before Friday. You survive Thursday you're just about home free.
Friday-Fidays are pretty kewl. Friday is the final day of the work week and it's legendary party night.
Saturday-The most perfect day of the week. No school during it or after it. Both Friday and Saturday night are free for fun. A complete day all to yourself.
So you see, the only job Tuesday has is to be "the day before Wednesday." And that doesnt count. Even Thursday has more of a purpose than that.

I told this theory to Conservative James and he said he thought he had gotten 10% dumber after hearing it. But it IS true.

Art-Art show last night. Woooo. Got an "honorable mentioned" thingie for "academic acheivements." Which basically just says I actually put effort into the assignments and turn them in. Though I did look smashing in my jeans, sandals, and flowy red/patterened sleevless shirt, if I do say so myself. (I never brag. Therefore I am entitled to bragging rights once a year.)
English-Fifty freaking vocab words to define for A Raisin in the Freaking Sun. Booo hisss
Spanish- Las frutas y table settings-o. New seat in the back. Woot.
Geography-Chapter 18 sucks.
Geometry-My grade sucks.
Drama-Boring work on stage directions.
Science-Lab. Tori was hyper and therefore extra funny. She thought it quite humorous that my eyebrow arches during conversation and I dont even know it (A sort of "what the hell...?" look). I being me, of course, made the connection to Pirates of the Caribbean because Keira Knightly's eyebrow does the same thing. In the commentary when Elizabeth's having a conversation and being all flirty with Will, Keira suddenly goes "Why does my eyebrow do that??" Jack Davenport (Commodore Norrington) is quick to poke a bit of fun at her and say "I dont know. You've got to get that under control." Yeah Im a loser. O_o Most of you are probably sitting there going "They have commentaires on movies?" Yeah. I actually watch them. All of them. >_o Tis fun! XD

Started rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (For those of you unfortunate enough to not be up to date with Harry Potter, that is the 5th book in the series.) I realized that I was so caught up in the "death" of one of my favorite characters that as far as the rest of the book goes, I dont remember a damn thing. And since book 6 is coming out in a matter of months I must refresh the knowledge.

"What were you doing under our window, boy?"
"Listening to the news," said Harry in a resigned voice.
His aunt and uncle exchanged looks of outrage.
"Listening to the news!
"Well, it changes every day, you see," said Harry.

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-

Nobody's online ;__;


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"Lost" Him [08 Apr 2005|03:56pm]
First thing's first: *Sobs* BOOOOOOOONE!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE?! *Sobs more* :bawling: Ah well...I knew he was gunna die after last week's episode...but this past Wednessday's episode of Lost was just so heartbreaking... ;___; I luvded you, Boone, I luvded youuuuuu

*Ahem* Anyway.

Art-Yesterday I was cutting linoleum and my hand slipped and I SLICED my left ring finger open. Blooood. Woooo. (Mrs. Crazy Mareno: *Like, I told you so* Welp, had your hand in the wrong plaaace...) No shit, Shirlock. *Shakes head* Woman drives me insane...
English-DIE, CONSPIRATORS, DIE. Just kidding. I like Brutus and Cassius. Too bad they kick the bucket.
Spanish-Had a dream last night in which Mr. Abbott had a serious grudge against me ;__; Glad htats not hte way it really is ^.^ Spanish is boring and my 80 on a test proves it.
Geography-had to visually illustrate the three major religions Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. So last night I sketched Jesus on the cross with the star of David and the cresent moon and star handging from the ends of the cross. Mrs Elsey: OMFG LOVE IT *Shows it off to the rest of the class*
Drama-Staring at Orlando in Jaimie's magazine. Soooo sexay.
Science-OMG PHYSCHO SUB that dictated when we could and could not take notes on the stupid old science videos in an attempt to make sure we werent just writing bogus stuff and were getting info from the ENTIRE video. We usually write stuff like "This music hurts my ears" just to take up space. I hope we NEVER have that sub again. It should be our responsibility to learn as long as they provide the means to be taught by. We're not 10 freaking years old. Bootstrap's bootstraps...
Spent most of the day reading the second volume of the Wolf's Rain manga that Sara lent to me. Not NEARLY as good as the anime, but still fun to read. (Note: The anime was not based on the manga, I think they were made at the same time. So its not like Im rejecting the ORIGINAL material. I appreciate art more than that.) ...And right now I have that horribly sad last episode of Wolf's Rain on. ^.^

Loned Black Hawk Down to Ed, then to Sara today. @.@

Hank and I had a good pow wow yesterday.

Annnnnnd thats all. Kthxbye.


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Now To Be Random-Quotes [05 Apr 2005|07:17pm]
Legs still in agony from horseback riding. Can barely walk.
Art- Japanese wood carving=hand cramps
Spanish-Got a "Does not complete classwork" remark on report card because Mr. Abbott says I draw too much. I told him I was going to go through an entire class period without drawing and he said kewl hed write a note saying I was doing better if I did that. And I succeeded!
Geography-Sub. Test that was announced yesterday while I was out. Loads of pointless book work.
Geometry- Math=boring
Drama- Stage layout/directions worksheet. Easy.
Science- Lab. RPed with Sara the whole time then copied her answers for the lab. Did no work. XD

Home. Brother got chewed out for his report card. Here's mine:
Art- 91 B (Dont study for tests)
English II Advanced- 91 B
Spanish- 80 C (Yo no hablo espanol muy bien)
World Geography Advanced- 94 A
Geometry- 83 C
Drama- 98 (Just turned in my critique late ^.^ Mrs. Trout: Nicole, you're slipping XD hehe)
Physical Science Advanced- 88 B (Not half bad seeing I NEVER read anything or do the work on my own. ^_-)

My Trojan Horse sculpture is on display in the front with a ton of other art. ^.^ Yay! I didnt know Mrs Crazy Mareno was putting it out there. Finished Julius Caesar. It would make a KICK ASS MOVIE! I should write an adapted screenplay. I mean that would totally rock...It was kinda boring at first, but then theres some really great dialogue and this huge battle that would just be so awesome to watch on the big screen with the proper director at work.

LEGOLAS WAS IN MY DREAM LAST NIGHT! He was holding me in his arms! *Sighs in a horribly fangirlish way* Oh happy sleep! O acursed alarm clock that doth wake me from it!!

Quotes for today:

"Plenty of time to ink the cat"-Me in art
"Cutting linoleum is fun! Betcha cant wait to try it! *wink*" -Diana in art

Geography book Question: What would the future of the peoples of North Africa and Southwest Asia be like if there had been no discovery of oil?
My answer: "They would be poor mother fuckers, thats what." (Tori found this hilarious ^_-)

This was the noblest Roman of them all.
All the conspirators save only he
Did that they did in envy of great Caesar.
He only in a general honest thought
And common good to all, made one of them
His life was gentle, and the elements
So mixed in him that Nature might stand up
And say to all the world, "This was a man."



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Poltergeist [04 Apr 2005|02:13pm]
Well Jen called me Saturday morning to wake me up for the drama workshop. She was at some thing her brothers had to do before heading on out to Disney World. We talked for a while and then got off the phone because her mom needed to call someone and I needed to get ready to go.
The drama workshop was good. We're getting 2 tickets to Guys and Dolls from my teacher since she forgot about last weeks meeting. She assigned us all little scenes to do. Im working with David, who is now the only guy in the goup. Hes 17 and REALLY good. He got a main part in Guys and Dolls at another theater. We're doing a scene from "Ah, Wilderness!" and we play a young couple. Lotsa sap and odd 1930s-dialect.
The rest of Saturday was spent watching movies (Beauty and the Beast and A Knight's Tale). Talked to Jen another time in the afternoon. *Is seriously roleplay deprived already*. Sunday I had quite an interesting day. In the morning I went to reheat some of my mom's double batch of spaghetti meat sauce and meatballs for lunch. I turned around and just hear this SPLAT. And I knew what that horrible sound meant. I turned around and sure enough Peeves the Poltergeist had visited once again and the Ziploc bag of sauce had fallen off the counter onto the floor. Spaghetti sauce EVERYWHERE. I mean it splattered all over the kitchen-even reaching to the fridge which is on the opposite side of the room. And a ton got on the WHITE CARPET. Fortunately mom wasnt home so for about an hour I worked frantically to try and get the mess under control. Used a LOT of paper towels to get all the big stuff up and then just absolutely SOAKED the carpet with Woolite Oxy Clean. I soaked, scrubbed, vacuumed, soaked and scrubbed some more...then put some towels over it and let it start to dry. By the time my dad came to take me horseback riding at his friend's house and my mom got home-the carpet actually looked great. You can barely tell there is a stain. My parents were actually very impressed and said it looked great. *phew*

So then my dad took me waaaay out into the country to his friend Ann's house. She has 2 horses, a sweet and well-trained 4-year-old named Smartie and a newly-broken 2-year-old who is soon to be renamed. They werent that big. But strangely enough they GREATLY resembled my RPG horse characters on Oceanus, Hector and Paris. Smartie was a beautiful deep brown with a black mane, tail, and legs. The 2-year-old was a light golden color with a pale mane and tail. It was realy kewl. I rode Smartie around for a few hours. Took a while to get used to because Smartie is a Western Saddle Reining horse and Im used to English saddle Drassage[sp?]. But the style of Reining is like the Western cousin of Drassage so there was a lot of technique to it. I got pretty good at getting Smartie to do that doughnut thing where hind legs stay in one spot and he spins around in a circle. Its really kewl. I dunno what its really called. I had him trot and canter pretty fast around the riding ring. It was tons of fun. Even got my dad up there for a small ride. ^.^ Unfortunately now Im horribly sore all over my body. Havent had a good ride like that in a long time. I feel like I just had a crew practice. x___x Ive got briuses all over my legs from when I tried an English saddle on Smartie. Not a good idea when you're wearing jeans. The stirrup strap kills your leg. But it was sooo much fun. And Ann has this cute little Dachshund named Molly who slept in my lap when we went back inside the house. Dad and I got home at like 7. I was really sore already and just hung out the rest of the night.
But ever since I rode the back of my neck was sore too. Like right where your skull meets your neck. I went to bed and it hurt so badly it kept waking me up and so I didnt sleep well at all. By the morning I had a horrible headache. I got up to get ready for skool and it hurt so bad that I stayed home. Mom gave me some medicine and I slept till 1 in the afternoon. It feels alright now.

But that was my weekend. Hope Jen's having a blast in Disney World. Commodore and I will just have to find means to entertain ourselves till then. Maybe I'll just work on art and The Sight: Revisioned. Paaaayce.


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My 16th Birthday [31 Mar 2005|04:47pm]
Woooo today is my Sweet Sixteen...or whatever. XD Day started out alright.
Art-Got really into my Japanese wood-cutting piece (the design for which of course I made extremely compicated >_<). It involves taking a razor blade and cutting into this little piece of wood to make a picture. I tell ya my hand hasnt hurt so much since...I dunno. Its tough.
English-More Julius Caesar crap. Got assigned our monologues. Gotta perform Portia whining "Brutus, why arent you talking to me? aaaaah blah blah...."
Spanish-omg actually think I got in the 90s on my quiz. Yay!
Geography-Watched Mrs Elsey give grades that were WAY TOO HIGH on presentations. Matthew's SUCKED and wasnt even complete and he got a 91. WTF?! Tori made me a word art thing with markers with all our inside jokes on them and said happy bday.
Geometry-Goofed off. Dillon decided he was going to pick on me today and pointed out that at the right angle he could see into my shirt. -__- I checked in the mirror this afternoon you cant see that much at all. XD So whatever. And he sent a note to Conservative James that had a nasty lie on it and Im sure it had something perverted on it but I dunno what he said and James was just like "Dont let stoners get to you. Never mind it." Everyone knew that whatever he said wasnt true so it wasnt that big of a deal. Then Dillon was buddy-buddy with me and was like "Its your birthday? Wow, happy birthday! We're gunna get drunk." Me:"Yep." Dillon:"We'll smoke pot" Me:"Suuure..." Dillon:"Really??" Me:"No!" It was funny ^.^
Drama-Mrs Trout was hyper and soooo funny. She played Happy Birthday on the piano for me and all my friends kept wishing me happy bday and such. I love when people seem genuinely happy for ya when its your bday. Makes me feel happy haha
Science-Sara got me a card and a bar of chocolate. Yay! We rped and such. Yay.

Too bad it rained all day. I was gunna go ride horses at my dads friends house but we gotta wait till sunday now. Oh well, gives me more time to talk to Jen before she leaves for WDW (Lucky...*pouts*) LEAVING ME FOR A WHOLE WEEK HOW COULD YOU?!
Got presents!!

-This new laptop, as you know
-HUGE 18x20-something sketchbook Yay!
Beauty and the Beast
The Fox and the Hound
The Rescuers (wanted Down Under but thats ok)
A Knight's Tale
Romeo + Juliet

So I am a happy hobbitess. ^.^ Yay!


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"Is He Wearing A Big Jedi Mullet? Top Man." [29 Mar 2005|07:02pm]
Ew. Skool is back in. Had to return to prison yesterday. It was a looooooong day. Today was eh...alright.
Art-OMFG WHAT THE HELL IS SHE BABBLING ABOUT?! SHES THE THING THAT WONT SHUT UP!! :wallx10: Had a last-minute dicision to enter a sketch along with my Trojan Horse into the mandatory art show. So I entered my Todd Blackburn sketch.:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dont much like it these days. But thats what always happens when I scan art -__- Its all good. So yeah. Mrs Crazy Moreno is driving us all up the wall.
English-Mrs. Thompson is hilarious when she gets on her raves over Julius Caesar. We we're all laughing so hard today. She gets so excited over it and shes so funny.
Spanish-Yay no more psycho sub and Mr Abbott is back. Unfortunately Spanish sucks just as much as ever. :wall:
Geography-Listening to boring presentations and Mrs Elsey grading them WAY too high. Most of em sucked. I mean the kids who are going this week had like a whole extra 2 weeks over the rest of us who already went. They have no excuse to suck at presentations. And everyone got like in the 90s. High 90s mostly. Mrs. Elsey is too lenient and the kids in the class are such whiners and they fight to the death to get their classmates higher grades that they dont deserve. Drives me nuts.
Geometry-Sleeping class. Boring easy stuff. New seats today though and Im finally like near Dillon the Liberal Monkey and "Conservative" James so we have some good conversations :D And Brantly is near me and shes a sweetheart.
Drama-Watching skits. Some are great, some need to suck up their ill-placed pride and not worry so much about being cool and DO THE PERFORMANCE. ACT! Dont just memorize lines (some didnt even do that). They make an ass of themselves when they do that. So it backfires ANYWAY...Bootstrap's Bootstraps, these kids kill me sometimes. But now Ive made them all sound bad. MOST of the kids in drama class are awesome.
Science-Copied the lab info we needed to turn in off of Sara and Tori. XD Then we all had a great Harry Potter discussion. PADFOOT LIVES!

Having major issues with the novel/writing files on my old laptop. Cant get them onto this one because the other ones so OLD (I mean my dad had that thing in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm...Rob suggested that I pour the sand out of it XD). The other computers are like "The file is damaged. Kiss my ass." And Im like *GFHGKHSKLFJGTE!!!* So yeah...thats frustrating. LONG confusing story so I wont get into any more details.

Gazing longingly at the Star Wars Ep III site....hence the quote from Ewan McGregor as my subject. Anikin gets the Jedi Mullet in this one ^.^

In other news, I took another Sorting Hat quiz, answered COMPLETELY HONESTLY (I swear it on Orlando's life!) and got Gryffindor as usual XD

I'm from Gryffindor!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Quiz

made by The Genki Gang


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My Very Own [26 Mar 2005|11:20am]
Well it wasnt Josh on his sn the other day after all. My suspicions were thankfully correct. It was that bitch Sam being...a bitch. O_o Josh and I sorted it all out. Not much of what I said was true, love, dont worry. *huggles*
Jen had fun at her college thing. Yay! Im glad.

So yeah at the end of my horrible day (see below entry) I went to my dads and he and my mom decided to give me my big birthday present early. Now my mom tried and failed to convince my dad to get me a car, so they got me the next best thing-MY VERY OWN LAPTOP. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *Sparrows* So I am one happy hobbit. I can do whateeeeever I want with it. And since my dads internet is oddly configured so that only his stuff can snag a connection, he and I went for a 2.5-hour motorcycle ride the next day. W00T that was fun. But I tell ya that back seat is murder on the rump after 2 hours. But it was still fun. :D Finally went back home last night. Mom and I went to the mall to shop, an event which of course turned into me tagging along while she cleaned out Bath & Body Works and cute clothing stores. Got a pair of sandals though.

This morning at 2am I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO FRAMES!!!

So today we go to the acting thing and my teacher never shows up 0_o odd. So mom and I went tanning instead. Now Im here on the computer. Jolly good. Take care then, bye bye now.


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