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I Wager My Soul

31 March 1989
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Wow I suppose I should fill this in. My life is rather boring. I was born in California to an aspiring nurse mother and an Air Force fighter pilot father. When I was still a baby we moved to Germany, where my little brother was born. After about two years of living there we moved to Texas. When I was around 4 or 5 we moved to VA-parents got divorced sometime in there. Then we moved to NJ when I was around 11. I had awesome friends there and went to Bishop Eustace Prep high school and it flipping rocked. Then due to an ugly marriage/divorce my mom, brother and I moved to hickville (aka Greenville SC) and I now go to Riverside High Schol that really sucks. BAH. I loooooove movies, books, hanging out with friends, Orlando Bloom, and...things like that. XD MY LIFE IS BORING.
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